Mealy bugs are among the most frequent pests that infect succulents. Find out a very simple method to get rid!


If you are growing succulents inside (and perhaps if you are growing succulents outside), then you’re very likely to strike mealybugs sooner or later. Lucky you, Otherwise!


Mealybugs are just like a jolt. They spread from plant and it can be tricky to eliminate them. I’ve found a method to kill them which keeps your succulents protected from other or burning issues pesticides may lead to.


Which are mealybugs?

Mealybugs are little bugs that want to eat fresh development. Overwatering is a cause, in addition to over, although it is hard to say just what causes them to appear. Because the temperatures are more temperate, they have a tendency to appear on plants that the most, but they are able to appear on outdoors!


These guys hang out at a white material from the succulent’s nooks and crannies. Their favorite place is correct where the leaves and all the stem match up. This makes them difficult to kill and difficult to see.


Mealybugs will disperse over a succulent and also to succulents, if they are not treated immediately. It is astonishing how fast they proceed, and bothersome. They eat away at the succulent as they go. This may stunt the development of the plant and cause the expansion to seem smaller or mis-shaped than normal. If they’re left for a long time, they might leave a few scratches.


How do I eliminate mealybugs?

The movie below shows the method I use to get rid from succulents using alcohol. You might browse the particulars of the method.


Since many plant pesticides will kill mealybugs, the best solution I have found to kill them is 70% isopropyl alcohol. Lots of folks’ advocate using q-tips to dab the alcohol, however I have discovered a spray jar is considerably more effective and simpler to use.


I really keep a tiny traveling sized spray bottle beside my plants so that I can kill the horrible things after they appear. A bigger one is used by me when the infestation impacts crops or gets out of control.


Proceed your plants that are infected off from everything, when you notice the mealybugs. Mealybugs spread and you do not wish to risk crops.


To kill the mealybugs together with all the alcohol spray on the alcohol onto the mealybugs they’re about the succulent.


Make sure you look at those difficult to observe areas close to the stem. Spray on them nicely. You’ll observe the size of a crumb, an insect is going to be abandoned and the material will disappear.


If you grab the mealybugs 1 round of alcohol spray will probably be sufficient to kill them. They might return a day or 2, if you did get all of them, however. Continue to spray on them till they do not return.


It might be a fantastic idea to pour alcohol within the soil time you’re drinking water if you have experienced a huge infestation. This may kill eggs or any bugs which are currently hiding out from the soil.


Does not the alcohol harm the succulent?

Nope! The excellent thing about alcohol, instead of other pesticides, is it safe for succulents.


I have had a couple of plants with a mealy bug difficulty that is bad I have adorned in a row a couple of days with alcohol. They did not demonstrate any symptoms of harm or burn. The alcohol disappears quickly, so it is just. It will not get on the leaves so that it disappears before any harm might occur Should you apply the spray bottle.


Are there any other methods to kill mealybugs?

Yep! I have had people suggest spraying or dabbing which on and adding a bit of dish soap. You might use pesticides. Mealybugs are additionally kept by lady bugs off!


Most economical, and the very best solution, I have discovered is that the alcohol. It’s the one I will not hurt your succulents and I’m convinced will remove the issue.


Additional Pests

Mealybugs are not the only pests. Succulent growers suffer with gnats. This movie will teach you your succulent dirt has also a remedy, and also gnats.