We always do our best with rosette color orders predicated on our inventory available the day that they send outside, but first and foremost we would like to send out the most economical plants accessible while also contemplating their colour orders. If blues are appearing badly that day or week, then we won’t send them!

But back to shade….Here’s a set of four succulents, all photographed in minutes of one another, within our house, and outside also. Notice how colors can alter. Natural light may bring out purples in which they’re washed out from the inner pictures. Even indoor lighting may differ, some are glowing while some bulbs are somewhat softer.

When you open your box, then please recall your succulents have probably just spent the previous 2,3,4,5 days and in a darkened box, travel across the country and or the nation. Frequently succulents will gain back a colour once in appropriate lighting ! Please follow our Care directions on watering, pinching dirt into containers if needed, and recall your lighting, and also just how all lighting isn’t the same.