We’ve easily a few million different Trichocereus Cactus in our house, a lot of which are starting to blossom.

Tichocereus are maybe among the very beautiful flowering cactus I’ve been able to noticed, there blossoms are primarily white, but there dimension stands out over just about any flower bloom, cactus or not. San Pedro, Bridgesii, along with the Golden Torch are 3 members of this Trichocereus household, and all three have the exact same and comparable giant white flowering blossom. A number of our Trichos are revealing that the tiny balls/tufts of what resembles fur in their arms, branches and limbs. All these are the telltale indication that blossoms are coming and normally a statement that summer is near. It is quite a sight once the noise of countless bees brings you up near see what resembles an orgy happening inside their petals. The nectar has to be pleasant and sweet as I seldom see anything which brings bees into our house such as astand of booming San Pedro Cactus.

Both websites have fine cuttings from 12 inches to two feet span that require simply to be potted in certain well draining soil for 4-6 months until they start forming fresh origins of their own. My dad will frequently wander our land in the first morning cutting the elderly blossoms off to feed into his tortoises.

Aside from their lovely and giant blossoms, Trichocereus, San Pedros also can enhance any garden or house if put in a pot and also cared for. We’ve got many implanted directly in the brightest areas of sunlight in addition to many under trees, shielded from sunlight and wind and other components. Both teams grow nicely, and in reality, we’ve got a few reaching peaks of 15 and feet in areas shielded by an excessive amount of wind.

They’re definately worth waiting for their annual presents!