We’ve been collecting and growing cactus and succulents for quite a while! We’ve got a great deal of different kinds, this post is all about trichocereus columnar kinds, we’ve got a great deal of established miniature groves around our 10 acres of nursery. Many of these we can not officially ID but we will start posting them and perhaps a few cacti specialists can help us out?

We market potted plants and cuttings, here is a couple of pics of a few potted bridgesii available, in addition to a few potted Peruvian torches and Juul’s too. Let us understand what kinds of cactus and succulents you’re amassing, if we do not have it, chances are we know someone who does. All these cactus are super simple to propogate, we supply a terrific FAQ about getting them suspended if you purchase cactus cuttings.